5 Quick Moves to Get Your Furnace Ready for the Cold

We went from summer to winter in about 36 hours and many families are cranking up the furnace for the first time in several months. Before you get too far into the winter it’s worth asking whether your furnace is ready to handle the heavy workload ahead.

Your heat might be working fine right now, but there are some important jobs you can take care of to make sure your family stays warm and comfortable this winter.

Get a new air filter.

replace air filterThis is one of the easiest and most impactful things you can do for your furnace right now. A new air filter every 3 months helps your furnace send out clean air as efficiently as it’s designed to.

A clean air filter prevents unnecessary wear and tear, and helps keep your energy costs down.

Simply slide the old air filter out the side of the furnace and slide the new one in, aligning the arrows. Consider upgrading to a HEPA filter for even better performance.

Check, clear and open all your vents.

Blocked or closed vents makeyour furnacework harder than it should, driving up your heating costs.

During the summer, vents may be closed or furniture rearranged without considering the location of the vent, but the same can’t be done in the winter.

Check the vents in each room to make sure they are open and unobstructed. If you’re a thorough kind of person, pull off the register and vacuum in and around the end of the vent to remove any dust and debris that may have accumulated.

Give the furnace some space.

The furnace room is a tempting storage space, but storing dusty boxes of rarely used stuff around your furnace can be a safety hazard that impacts your system’s performance.

Good air flow helps your furnace maintain the high efficiency you paid for, and that takes space. Do your furnace a favour and stack the Christmas decorations in the garage when you take down the tree after the holidays.

thermostat upgrade, smart thermostatTest your thermostat.

Homeowners often forget to check the basic thermostat settings when the seasons turn. It should be set to HEAT with the fan set to ON. Leaving the fan on all the time improves the movement of air through the house, removing cold spots and cutting out the possibility of stagnant air problems around the house (like mould).

Raise the temperature setting 5 degrees above the current room temperature. The air coming from your vents should heat up noticeably right away. If it doesn’t, get a member of our team to come have a look.

Get your furnace serviced.

It’s like an annual physical for your furnace, or maybe a dental cleaning. A qualified HVAC technician can professionally clean all the critical moving parts of your furnace, spot potential problems before they become expensive repairs and keep your system running efficiently – saving you money and the inconvenience of a breakdown.

Get in touch with a local member of our ClimateCare team to schedule your maintenance so your furnace gets through the winter without a hiccup.

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