How Ductless Air Conditioning Gives You Home Comfort Control

Ductless air conditioning in toronto
Some older houses just weren’t built for ducts.

Not all homes in Toronto are suitable candidates for central air conditioning.

Older homes often don’t have the extra space required for central air, and homeowners sweat through summer after summer.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Ductless air conditioning it the perfect solution for space-conscious, comfort-seeking Toronto homeowners and families tired of the stuffy discomfort of summer.

And it doesn’t stop there. Many homeowners with existing ductwork opt to switch to ductless to free up ductwork space.

These are the 6 main reasons homeowners like you should take a serious look at ductless air conditioning in Toronto.

Cool out!

Ductless air conditioners consist of a small indoor unit and equally small outdoor unit. Installation is quick and painless (as long as you hire a pro like one of the GTA ClimateCare retailers).

Installation includes mounting both units and boring a small hole through the wall to connect the two. The hole is small enough to accommodate a normal coaxial cable (your TV cable).

Ductless installation
Precise climate control is simple.

Here’s what you get:

  • A system that cools and heats.

Your central air conditioner must pair up with a furnace to keep the house warm as it gets colder outside. Your ductless system includes a reversible heat pump to move warm air in either direction. It can find heat in the outside air down to -10C.

  • A flexible system.

The indoor part of your ductless system can be installed anywhere you want. If some parts of your home get hot in the summer while others stay cool naturally, you only need to cool the hot area. Don’t waste money cooling an already comfortable part of the home.

  • Unique control.

Your whole house doesn’t have to be the same temperature. When you set your normal air conditioner thermostat to 21C, the whole house is 21C. Ductless systems allow you to control the temperature differently in different zones. You can cool the bedroom a little at night while letting the rest of the house maintain a natural temperature, saving yourself a lot of money.

  • Fast, easy installation.
Ductless air conditioner installation
Installation is quick and easy.

A trained technician can install your ductless system with little disruption to your daily routine. Remember, there is no need to connect the system to an extensive system of ductwork. We just connect two units, indoor and outdoor, through a small hole in the wall (which we seal, of course).

  • An energy efficient system.

Your current air conditioner sends air through the whole house via ductwork. Inevitably you lose cool air along the way. As much as 30% of the air you pay to cool is lost in the ductwork. And then there’s the whole part where you cool rooms you aren’t using. Ductless significantly reduces your energy loss and allows you greater precision with the energy you do consume to cool the house.

  • More personal space!

Ductless systems rest out of the way, at the top corner of your room (or anywhere you want). This frees up space for grander ceilings to accommodate your very tall relatives. Or just taller ceilings for the sake of gorgeous open interior space.

Ductless air conditioners are popular for good reason.

Give us a call to talk about your new ductless system or to ask any questions to help make your next home cooling investment easier.

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