Ductless vs. Central Air | What’s Better in My Home?

We field all kinds of questions about ductless vs. central air every day.

ductless air conditioning installationCentral air conditioning has been a staple for the last 30 years or so, but the times they are a changin’.

Ductless air conditioning, propelled by increased interest in efficiency and control, is the system of choice for a growing number of homeowners every week.

And not just in older homes where ductwork doesn’t fit. Homeowners with existing ductwork and modern air conditioners still migrate to ductless for many reasons, including efficiency, control and personal space.

6 reasons homeowners in Toronto shift to ductless.

  • Ductless cools and heats.

Your central air conditioner must pair up with a furnace to keep the house warm as it gets colder outside. Your ductless system includes a reversible heat pump to move warm air in either direction. It can find heat in the outside air down to -10C.

  • Flexibility.

The indoor part of your ductless system can be installed anywhere you want. If some parts of your home get hot in the summer while other stay cool naturally, you only need to cool the hot area. Don’t waste money cooling an already comfortable part of the home.

  • Ductless Air Conditioning RemoteControl.

Your whole house doesn’t have to be the same temperature. The way an air conditioner is set up means once you set the thermostat to 20C, the whole house is 20C. That’s one of the biggest factors in the ductless vs. central air discussion. Ductless systems allow you to control the temperature differently in different zones. Your bedroom can be less cool than the kitchen, for example.

  • Easy installation.

A trained technician can install your ductless system with minimal disruption to your daily routine. All it requires is a small hole drilled for the hoses connecting the inside and outside units together. The hole is barely wider than a screwdriver handle. Most of the work is done before the physical installation.

  • Energy efficiency.

Your standard air conditioner sends air all over the house through the ducts. Even with the best ductwork, you still lose cool air along the way. As much as 30% of the air you pay to cool is lost in the ductwork, where you don’t need it. And then there’s the whole part where you cool rooms you aren’t using. Ductless cuts your energy loss and allows you to be more precise with the energy you do consume to cool the house. It’s win-win.

  • Personal space.

Ductless systems sit unobtrusively at the top corner of your room. Or anywhere you want, really. Freedom from ductwork give more open space on your home.

Still not settled? Call us today to talk more about the ductless vs. central air debate. We will help you find the most suitable solution for your family today.