How Does a Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner Work?

Cleaning your ductless air conditioner

Ductwork is a pain.

It eats up valuable space inside your home and it’s a hassle to install when building an addition to accommodate your expanding family.

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It’s also part of an inefficient home cooling (or heating) system. We waste thousands of dollars every year managing the temperature across the entire house when we really only need to be comfortable in the few rooms we use at any given moment.

Yes, you can buy a high efficiency central air conditioner, but it will never be as efficient as a mini split ductless air conditioner.

That’s why we recommend these small, efficient and attractive cooling units to more homeowners than you probably think.

Will we recommend one for you?

mini split ductless air conditioner
Get the room to the exact temperature you want.

Mini split ductless air conditioners are good in any home because of the precise climate control they provide.

You can cool the single room you’re in, or a group of rooms nearby, or the same floor of the house.

Answer us these questions:

  • Do you like to sleep with the windows open, listening to the sounds of the city.
  • Do you prefer to keep the windows open on more mild days.
  • Does ductwork take away from the old charm of your home?
  • Do you have indoor/outdoor living spaces where precise cooling is important?
  • Do you want to avoid the hassle of tying your existing ductwork into your new home addition?

Chances are a mini split ductless air conditioner is perfect for you.

So how does it work without the ducts?

A mini split ductless system includes an indoor component and an outdoor component connected by a small cable no larger than a standard coaxial cable (the cable your TV uses).

  • The outdoor piece is small and quiet. It sits outside your house and is easily hidden by your lilac tree or other plants close to the house.
  • The indoor unit circulates conditioned air to make the room (or rooms) more comfortable. And because the source of the cool air is right in the room, it works quickly and efficiently to get the room as comfortable as you want it.

Yes, you can ask.

Ductless installation
You don’t even have to get up to check and adjust the temperature.

How does the outdoor unit connect to the indoor unit?

Through a small hole in the wall of your home.

We drill from the outside, feed the connecting cable through (which, remember, is quite thin) and insulate the hole so no air escapes in either direction. The hole is tiny and has no impact on the look of your home.

As many as 5 indoor units can share a single outdoor unit, so you aren’t trading one large outdoor unit – a traditional air conditioner – for many smaller units.

And they’re really quiet.

Despite their power and capability, ductless air conditioners operate with very low sound levels. Indoor units generate sound levels equivalent to a human whisper and outdoor units are no louder than a conversation between two people.

If you’re building an addition with no ductwork, or your charming old house doesn’t have  the infrastructure for it, this is the best way to stay cool through the summer. This year is going to be a scorcher, so get your ductless mini split system installed today.