If This Weather is Any Indication, It’s Time to Get Your Furnace Ready for Fall

Well, it hasn’t been the summer we all wanted. But at least you haven’t run the air conditioner as much as usual. So you saved some money there.

Always a bright side!

Furnace maintenance toronto
It might not be this cold…yet

But if the weather today is any indication, you may be firing up the furnace much earlier in the year than expected.

But the sooner you book, the sooner that chore is out of the way. And if you don’t book an annual service for your furnace, you could put your family at risk of…

Poisonous air quality.

Maybe the most extreme consequences of avoiding annual maintenance is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning is completely preventable, but more than a thousand people die every year from it.

It is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that is present when fuel burns in places like your gas furnace or fireplace.

A furnace inspection ensures yours doesn’t produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and keeps your family safe when you close the windows and crank the heat.

You don’t want to breathe that air. Trust us.

Skipping furnace maintenance (and the equipment inspection that comes with actual maintenance tasks) leaves debris to build up throughout the HVAC system.

It doesn’t take long for the filter to clog up with pet hair, dust bunnies and other debris reducing airflow, air quality and making your system work harder than it should.

furnace maintenance torontoWhen your air filter is too clogged to keep allergens and particles out, the furnace itself, along with the air ducts and registers, become coated with nasty airborne particles. And if they’re in the ducts, they’re in your lungs.

Furnace filters even keep mould and bacteria out of your air, so do your family a favour and take care of yours (or let us take care of it).

Do you like staying comfortable at home?

Annual maintenance helps your furnace maintain consistent airflow and heat distribution throughout the house.

Every time you skip a maintenance cycle, the cold spots in your home become more noticeable. Cold spots signal stagnant air, and stagnant air can lead to mould behind the paint or wallpaper on your walls and cracking of perishable materials like caulk around windows.

To combat this, you’ll crank up the thermostat. Your bills will snowball and drain the bank account faster than you expect.

These are just three of the long list of reasons to book us for a furnace maintenance visit today.

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