Worried Your Furnace is on the Fritz? Upgrade in February to Qualify for Big Savings

new furnace A new furnace will keep the house more evenly warm.

It’s furnace promotion time. Right now you can upgrade your furnace from as little as $35.99 a month, and you can wait 6 months to make your first payment.

We don’t lock you into a rigid payment program. The repayment term is spread across 144 months, but you can pay off the balance of your loan whenever you want.

So you have a choice right now.

  1. Repair your dusty and crumbling old furnace at what might possibly be more than half the cost of a new system.
  2. Replace it entirely with something modern, efficient and quiet.

Nobody wants to buy a new furnace, or dish washer or stove. They aren’t cheap appliances. But sometimes upgrading can save you a wad of cash. If your furnace is more than 10 years old, there’s a good chance you fall into this category, and here’s why you should do it (aside from the fact it’s on sale right now and you won’t find a better deal this year).

The best time to upgrade your furnace is now!

new furnace Set the temperature you want and actually get it!

Your new furnace makes the house more comfortable.New technologies mean more even, consistent heat everywhere in the house. You’ll notice the difference.

Keeping an old unit healthy is expensive. If you’re paying for repairs today, the trouble is just starting. A new unit from ClimateCare will cut out those repair costs entirely.

A new furnace is more efficient than an old one. One of the most notable reasons to replace an aging system is to get greater heating efficiency. A modern furnace can be as much as 50% more efficient than your 10+ year-old system. Your monthly heating bills will drop.

Visit our rebates page to see what else is on sale today!

Get used to a more restful sleep. New designs and new materials, including built-in sound absorbing materials, ensure quiet operation of your new furnace. You’re used to hearing the old beast fire up in the middle of the night, but you don’t have to live with that cacophony forever.

Furnace filters Multiple filters take care of all the gunk accumulating in the air.

Breathe contaminant-free air. New furnaces offer all kinds of add-on features to improve indoor air quality and reduce negative health effects associated with poor air quality. Humidifiers, dehumidifiers and all kinds of air filtering technologies can be integrated into a modern system.

It’s a selling point. If you plan to sell your house in the near or medium-term future, a new furnace is attractive to potential buyers. It could the factor that sets your home apart from the others in the neighbourhood.

Modern warranties are good. Really good. Manufacturers are in the business to make money, and wouldn’t offer any sort of warranty unless they believe the product will last comfortably beyond the warranty timeline. Warranties today are longer and more comprehensive than ever before. A new unit will last.

Ready to replace your old junker?

When you replace your furnace, you avoid the problems associated with continuous repairs, including mismatched parts, inconsistent comfort and increasing utility costs.

The current promotion we’re offering on new furnaces is great value. Now is the perfect time to upgrade.

Give us a call today to talk about the best model for your size of home.

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