Boiler Repair Toronto Property Managers and Landlords Know will be Done Right the First Time

Our professional technicians provide reliable, prompt boiler repair for Toronto and the GTA to minimize any discomfort your tenants will experience from losing heat. Being part of the ClimateCare network, you can expect our team to deliver your repairs with the highest standards of quality.

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Regular maintenance is always the best way to avoid costly emergency repairs, and we have decades of experience servicing all boiler makes and models. But if you have skipped some maintenance and your boiler is on the fritz, we can help you out too.

What Could be Wrong with Your Boiler?

The best way to keep your boiler in good working condition is to ensure it receives regular maintenance. But even with ongoing maintenance, sometimes a part can malfunction, leaving you in need of a quick repair to get you back up and running.

Let us know if:

  • You notice condensation on your boiler, or leakage from anywhere on the main boiler body.
  • It appears to be losing pressure.
  • The amount of heat or water being produced is lower than usual.
  • The pilot light keeps going out.
  • There are unusual sounds coming from your boiler- a gurgle, bang, or whistle.
  • The thermostat temperature does not match the boiler temperature.
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ClimateCare Provides the Best Customer Experience

Boiler repair from our professional team will minimize the disruption to your life. We are trained to repair every boiler make and model, and always update our training when new technologies are introduced, so we can resolve your issues quick and effectively.

We will also always discuss pricing upfront, since cost is almost always the first thing customers are concerned about. A ClimateCare HVAC expert will review your options with you and provide pricing on anything that you are interested in exploring.

Get Your Boiler Repair, Toronto!

Contact our Toronto Area ClimateCare team and be confident your boiler repair gets done right the first time, at a time that fits with your schedule.


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