Fast and Friendly Repairs from the Leading Fireplace Installers in Toronto

If your gas fireplace isn’t functioning as it used to, our fireplace installers—Toronto’s most reputable HVAC contractors—will get you back up and running, quickly and at a price you can afford. The majority of fireplace repairs we see are minor, but they still require an expert to complete them in a way that keeps your appliance safe and efficient.

Is Your Fireplace Not Flaming Like it Used to?

We can promptly get you back to enjoying your fireplace, no matter the issue. We regularly service fireplaces with:

  • Pilot lights that won’t ignite, or don’t stay on
  • Main burners that will not light
  • Lower than normal heat outputs
  • And many other problems

Sign up for a maintenance plan and eliminate most of, if not all, your repair costs.

Providing your serial and model number can help us speed up the repair process. If you no longer have your owner’s manual, it can usually be found chained to the main valve under or behind your fireplace.

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Minimize the Need for Repairs with Regular Maintenance

Sometimes, all that is needed to resolve your fireplace issues are maintenance procedures. If you are already subscribed to a maintenance plan, the repairs could already be covered.

If you don’t get annual service for your appliance – which should include a thorough cleaning, flame adjustment and pilot inspection, and a complete review, including a focus on the vents, blowers and thermocouple – you are more likely to experience a fireplace breakdown.

Get That Fireplace Back Up and Running

Our professional service people are trained to repair every gas fireplace out there, and always update their training when new technologies enter the market. Contact your local ClimateCare expert, and learn why so many of your neighbours already trust us as their fireplace installers, Toronto.

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