Affordable Furnace Maintenance Plans Toronto

Minimize the risk of a mid-winter furnace breakdown by purchasing a WeCare furnace maintenance plan, Toronto. Cleaning, maintenance and preventative service help to minimize the chances your system will fail unexpectedly.

Throughout the lifespan of a typical furnace, some minor repairs will eventually have to be made along the way. We offer cost-effective furnace protection plans as well, to help you balance the cost when issues do pop up.

Get Coverage for all of Your HVAC Appliances

You can customize your maintenance or protection plans to cover all of your home heating and cooling systems. Choose to include:

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What Does a Furnace Maintenance Plan Cover?

Our standard maintenance precision tune-up provides complete service for your natural gas furnace. Our professional technicians will:

  • Clean or replace the furnace air filter
  • Review the gas supply line and pipe fittings
  • Check the heat exchanger for cracks or corrosion
  • Clean all components, including blower assembly, fans, pulleys, belts and electrical connections
  • Undergo an in-depth inspection including 23 additional steps

What is Covered by a Furnace Protection Plus Plan?

When you subscribe to a protection plus plan, you get all of the benefits of a maintenance plan, plus:

  • No charge for standard parts and labour if repairs are required including after hours
  • Priority appointment scheduling

Explore your Options for Furnace Protection Plans and Furnace Maintenance Plans Toronto

Get in touch with Toronto Area ClimateCare now to customize your maintenance plan, or protection plan to cover your home heating and cooling systems, and find out how affordable coverage can be.

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