Get Affordable Peace of Mind with Water Heater Maintenance Plans Toronto

A WeCare Maintenance Plan can be tailored to include all of your HVAC appliances, including storage and tankless water heaters. Having hot water is something you really depend on day-to-day, and subscribing to a maintenance plan will ensure your appliance continues to function reliably for years.

Let our Qualified Technicians Provide Seasonal Service

There are many reasons why homeowners should ensure their HVAC systems receive regular maintenance, from protecting your investment and extending its lifetime, to ensuring the utmost efficiency and safety. Regular preventative maintenance is a small, affordable step that can delay the cost of replacement, and minimize your risk of suffering through an unexpected cold shower!

Our expert technicians are known for having industry-leading quality standards, for both technical service and customer experience.

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What is Covered by Water Heater Maintenance Plans Toronto?

When you schedule a precision tune-up for your system, our professional service people will perform the following steps:

  • A draining and thorough cleaning of the water heater
  • Flushing of debris or sediment
  • Thermostat inspection
  • Anode rod and pressure valve inspect
  • Completion of a 28 point water heater maintenance checklist including a carbon monoxide safety check

In addition to benefiting from the reliability of preventative maintenance services, plan subscribers also benefit from discounted regular labour rates and priority service if repairs are ever required.

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Contact our professional team of Toronto Area ClimateCare retailers to find out what it will cost to subscribe to a maintenance plan that will cover all of your home HVAC systems. You will be surprised to find out how affordable it is to protect your investment in home heating and cooling appliances and provide you with home comfort peace of mind.

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