Energy Saving Boiler Installation Toronto

BoilerIf you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your home, consider boiler installation. Toronto’s homeowners can limit the amount of heat escaping their homes during the cold winters by selecting this type of home heating system.

Central boilers – or house boilers – are vented differently than traditional furnaces. With your average furnace, a chimney or side-wall venting acts as a vent to clear the house of by-products of the heating process. With this system, the chimney allows carbon dioxide, water vapour, and a good deal of heat to escape. This heat loss occurs even when the furnace is not in use.

Stop Escaping Heat and Decrease Your Energy Bill

A central boiler will provide two benefits that will help you decrease your energy bill. They are able to extract more heat from the same amount of combustion products before venting, so there is minimized waste. Also, they help minimize the amount of warm air that is able to escape your home, whether the heater is on or off.

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Get the Best Quality Boiler Installation

Expert installation is just as important as the quality of the products you choose. When you work with a Toronto Area ClimateCare member in the GTA, you get the industry-leading quality standards that all ClimateCare service technicians are bound by. You also get the most current technical knowledge in boiler installation for all makes and models. And we provide this all with upfront pricing, since that’s almost always the first thing our customers ask us about.

Take Advantage of Financing

If you want to start enjoying the benefits of efficient home heating without taking a big hit to your wallet, consider our flexible financing options. This way you can enjoy lower energy bills, while paying off your investment over a reasonable timeframe.

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