Avoid Pollutants & Contaminants with Quality Air Filtration Systems Toronto

Air Filtration Indoor air pollution is a real problem. Stale indoor air can be more harmful to your lungs than outdoor air, even in large cities. These pollutants and allergens can cause adverse health effects, but luckily all it takes is a quality air filtration system to clear the air.

Many heating and cooling systems do incorporate a simple air filter, but these exist to protect the equipment, not to filter the air for breathing purposes. A standard filter that is a component of your furnace or air conditioner does not remove all of the harmful particles that pass through.

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The Effects of Poor Quality Indoor Air

Taking care of your indoor air quality is critical, to protect you and your family from the health effects that can result from contaminants and pollutants:

  • Respiratory conditions
  • Aggravated allergies and asthma
  • Hay fever
  • Persistent illness

Electronic Air Filters

The increase in efficiency of modern homes has made airborne contaminants like smoke, pollen, dust and mold common. An electronic air filter removes almost all of these contaminants using an electrical charge. Particles receive a positive electrical charge as they pass through the unit, and then travel through plates that are oppositely charged to attract these particles. Clean-filtered air re-enters the duct system and is circulated through your home.

Mechanical Air Filters

A mechanical air filter removes dust and other particles using a mesh style filter. This operates through the blower in your fan, catching particles and sending clean air back through your house. They are a simple option for improving your air quality, are cost effective and require very minimal maintenance.

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