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Ventilation To prevent your indoor air from getting stale, consider ventilation systems. Toronto and the GTA do not always have the best air quality, and oftentimes, indoor air quality is worse than outdoor due to the buildup of contaminants. If you feel your indoor is stagnant, especially in the winter, a ventilation system could drastically improve the quality of your indoor air.

Choose From Two Different Types of Ventilation Systems

You can select from two different ventilator options, depending on your requirements and budget:

  • Local ventilators
  • Whole house ventilation
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Local Ventilators

A local unit works best for homes that need extra venting in a particular room, for example: workshops, kitchens, or anywhere that someone might be working with chemicals. These options exhaust odours, small particles, gases and even humid air.

Whole-House Ventilators

A whole-house model is best for people who are concerned with the overall air quality of their home. This unit will work continuously, exchanging stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. It will exhaust humid air, cigarette smoke, and help to dilute harmful pollutants.

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You can expect to get service to the highest quality standards when you choose Toronto Area ClimateCare for the installation of your ventilation systems in Toronto. As members of the ClimateCare network, we pledge to uphold industry-leading standards of service quality, and to constantly upgrade our technical knowledge. Rest assured knowing you will receive the most expert installation to ensure proper functioning and longevity of your unit.

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